Sergio Javier Peñas Núñez


Sergio Javier Peñas Núñez
PhD Student

Centro Joxe Mari Korta
Avenida de Tolosa, 72
20018 Donostia-San Sebastián

Tel:+34 943 01 88 46


Sergio Javier Peñas Núñez earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in the year 2021 from the University of Navarra. His BSc Thesis “Generation of calcium alginate particles by microfluidics and its application in photocatalysis” was supervised by Dr. José Ramón Isasi.

In 2022 he completed his Master’s Degree in Computational Methods in Science at the University of Navarra. His MSc Thesis “Design and automation of the process of characterization of calcium alginate particles obtained by microfluidics” was supervised by Dr. José Ramón Isasi and Dr. Wenceslao González.


Currently, he is doing his PhD project under the supervision of Dr. Miryam Criado. His research is focused on the design and synthesis of natural-based multi-responsive polymers to be employed in the fabrication of hydrogels, that will be used to fabricate water-harvesting engineered devices. 

Polymers for Bioelectronics