Ethical channel

This Ethics channel has been set up in order to comply with the regulation on the protection of persons who report breaches of European Union Law. Before making a communication through our Ethics Channel, you should know that it is a secure and confidential channel that enables you to communicate with us and you must also take into account the facts and/or conduct that you can transmit to us through it and the scope of protection it provides, which are set out in our Rules of use.

After completing the information on this form, it is highly likely that we will need to contact you to request clarifications or further information on the facts reported. If you do not identify yourself (exercising your right to anonymity), it is unlikely that we will be able to expand the information we need or that you can make use of your right to have information on the follow-up to your report. We therefore urge you to keep a line of communication open with us, which can be whatever means you decide.

Write your contact details

Without prejudice to the possibility that you have of submitting this report, you may use the different external information channels in the competent authorities and, where appropriate in the institutions and bodies of the European Union, to submit your report. We hereby inform you that everyone accused of a breach is presumed innocent until legally proven guilty (art. 6.2 ECHR, art 11 UDHR).
Any report must be made with full respect for the honour of the persons affected.
Please do not include sensitive personal information about anyone in your message if it is not necessary to describe your report.