Smart Materials for Tissue Regeneration


With the constant ageing of the society our quality of life depends increasingly in our capability to regenerate damaged or pathological tissues and organs. For this reason, the regeneration of complex tissues and the development of cellular models of disease is of great importance. This research line is focused on understanding the underlying condition of diseased organs and giving a solution to those who suffer from pathologies that have yet not found a definitive cure. The main approach to target this goal is through the combination of advanced smart materials and biofabrication techniques such as 3D printing (in all its modalities) and other additive manufacturing technologies. Key aspects of this research relay on the development of smart materials with spatially controlled chemistries and topographies and stimuli-responsive materials that can be actuated remotely and “on-command” using triggers such sonic, magnetic and electric stimulation.

Coordinator: Sandra Camerero Espinosa