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2nd Announcement of the Emulsion Polymerization Processes Course

2nd Announcement of the Emulsion Polymerization Processes Course

As every year since 2003, we are organizing the new edition of the Emulsion Polymerization Processes Course that  will be held on September 7-11, 2015

The Course  is designed to provide a sound basis of the fundamental aspects of emulsion polymerization.
Emulsion polymers are truly "product by process" materials whose properties are determined during the polymerization process. The course will focus on the understanding of the fundamental basis of emulsion polymerization and on the use of this understanding to manipulate process conditions to achieve a consistent production of improved products. The fundamentals of latex rheologyand film formation, key aspects in the application of emulsion polymers, as well as those of biomedical applications of polymer colloidswill also be studied.

Participants shall benefit from a combination of their tacit knowledge obtained in industrial daily practice with the in-depth knowledge to be provided during the course. Beginners shall particularly profit from the thorough and interconnected approach of the course program. Relevant progresses in EP science and technology will be addressed, emphasizing their industrial application.

It is our feeling that the Emulsion Polymerization Processes Course will provide a tool that will help participants in the challenging emulsion polymerization business.

Students pay half of the regular fee, for on-line registrations please click:

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