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Exploring Human Tears: A Hope for Dry Eyes

In a study led by CSIC researcher Juan F. Vega in collaboration with POLYMAT researchers
(Itxaso Calafel, Mercedes Fernandez) and researchers from UPV/EHU and Donostia Hospital,
the complex properties of human tears have been studied to enhance the treatment of dry
eye syndrome. Compared to artificial tears, human tears consist of a complex mixture of lipids,
carbohydrates, proteins, water, and salt, making them unique in keeping our eyes hydrated
and protected.

The team tested ten formulations of artificial tears, analyzing properties such as viscosity and
elasticity to replicate the natural characteristics of human tears. By employing advanced
microrheological techniques, they were able to study tears at a microscopic level, providing
valuable insights into their structure and behavior.

This research has broad applications, from understanding microbiological fluids to designing
products like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They aim to create customized artificial tears,
enhancing comfort for those with dry eyes.