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Jon Ayestaran won the accésit price in SEJIPOL’s photography contest

We are pleased to announce that Jon Ayestaran has won the runner-up prize in the SEJIPOL photo competition.

Title of the photo: ¡Esto es la leche!

The photograph has been submitted to the category of "Sustainability, polymer valorization and polymer recycling."

In the image you can see what at first glance looks like a simple brick of milk, however, this material was obtained using the 3D printing technique of in-tank photopolymerisation. Specifically, the printed material is 80% skimmed milk, and the remaining 20% are some photopolymerisable monomers. Therefore, paradoxically, the milk brick shown in the image is mostly composed of milk.

Thus, by means of 3D printing, the aim is to give a second life to milk in poor condition or discarded, obtaining parts with very high resolution and very good mechanical properties.