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POLYMAT researchers Dr. Andere Basterretxea & Dr. Coralie Jehanno awarded with the best PhD theses in polymers 2019 by the RSEQ and GEP

The RSEQ and GEP (Grupo Especializado de Polímeros) have recognized the PhD theses of Dr. Andere Basterretxea and Dr. Coralie Jehanno as one of the best PhD theses in polymers in 2019 in Spain. Dr. Basterretxea has receive the first prize and Dr. Jehanno the Accessit prize.

Both researchers were Marie Curie Fellows of the European Joint Doctorate SUSPOL headed by Dr. Haritz Sardon. 

They are co-founders of the recently created start-up company POLYKEY ( which are providers of innovative polymer chemistry solutions for a sustainable future.