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"San Sebastian, a City of (Nano)Science and Technology"

The editorial "San Sebastian, a City of (Nano)Science and Technology" is published today at ACS Nano Journal in collaboration between POLYMAT and other Research Centers of San Sebastian: CIC-Biomagune, CIDETEC-IK4, DIPC, CFM and CIC-Nanogune.

Two articles from POLYMAT and Ikerbasque researcher Prof. Aurelio Mateo-Alonso  has been selected for this virtual issue: 

1. "Homoepitaxial Branching: An Unusual Polymorph of Zinc Oxide Derived from Seeded Solution Growth"

Rajeevan Kozhummal Yang Yang, Firat Güder, Andreas Hartel, Xiaoli Lu, Umut M. Küçükbayrak, Aurelio Mateo-Alonso, Miko Elwenspoek, Margit Zacharias
ACS Nano 6, 8, 7133-7141

2. "Synthesis of Pyrene-Fused Pyrazaacenes on Metal Surfaces: Toward One-Dimensional Conjugated Nanostructures"

Li JiangAnthoula, C. Papageorgiou, Seung Cheol Oh, Özge Sa─člam, Joachim Reichert, David A. Duncan, Yi-Qi Zhang, Florian Klappenberger, Yuanyuan Guo, Francesco Allegretti, Sandeep More, Rajesh Bhosale, Aurelio Mateo-Alonso, Johannes V. Barth
ACS Nano 10, 1, 1033-1041