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POLYMAT Researcher Dr. Jon Maiz interviewed in Cadena SER Euskadi

On Saturday, February 18, Jon Maiz was interviewed in Cadena SER Radio Euskadi together with other two researchers from CEIT and Tecnum and the responsible for Innovation and Competitiveness of Fomento San Sebastian, Iñigo Olaizola.

Retorno de Talento is a programme launched by Fomento San Sebastian to attract highly qualified professionals to local institutions. Thanks to this programme, POLYMAT got the funds to attract Dr. Jon Maiz. The researcher, who was borned in Donostia San Sebastian, has returned to the town after few years abroad in different national and european insitutions such as the Institute of Polymer Science and Technology (CSIC), the Institute for Microelectronics of Madrid (CSIC) and the Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères organiques (LCPO), Université de Bordeaux (France).