Misioa & Ikuspegia



To develop a vibrant use-inspired fundamental research on synthesis, assembly and processing of polymers to contribute to the development of polymers, enabling addressing some of the technological needs of the 21st Century in fields such as energy, electronics, health care and sustainability.


We strive to be recognized:

  • By the Scientific Community, for our excellence in polymer research.
  • By the University and Public Administration, for efficiently reinforcing the Basque Science System.
  • By the Society, for helping to improve the quality of life with our research.


  • Search for Excellence in research, management and people development.
  • Efficiency: Go beyond the objectives that we have set up for ourselves, optimizing the available resources.
  • The promotion of Cooperation in the fields in which the Center competes, establishing an international network and also promoting teamwork inside the organization.
  • The promotion of Innovation in Research and Management Processes, to achieve continuous improvement of the Centre.