Ana Aguzin

PhD Student


Ana Aguzin
PhD Student


Gral M. Güemes, 3450

Santa Fe, 3000, Argentina

Tel:+54 9 342 5080530


Ana Aguzin earned her Bachelor degree in Material Science at the University of El Litoral (Argentina). In 2017, she carried out a 6 month exchange scholarship at the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse (France) where she took the "Materials and Polymers" program. For her bachelor thesis, she worked on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid casein-based lactices and their potential application as eco-friendly adhesives.


Ana Aguzin is currently studying as a PhD student under the guidance of Pr. Roque Minari (INTEC, CONICET) and Pr. David Mercerreyes (Polymat). She is working on new iongels for bioelectronic applications.

Innovative Polymers Group