Polymeric Multilayer Capsules


Polymer capsules fabricated via the layer-by-layer (LbL) approach have attracted a great deal of attention for biomedical applications thanks to their tuneable architecture. This method allows the precise control over the final properties of the fabricated capsules thanks to its versatility, which enables the functionalization of all the constituents of the entities following relatively simple protocols. Our research is focused on the development of novel building blocks or elementary units, which can be assembled in a wide variety of colloidal templates at the micro- and nanoscale via electrostatic or alternative interactions, to yield multifunctional polymer capsules with potential application as therapeutic agents. Areas of research include: (1) development of polymeric and hybrid building blocks for the fabrication of polymer capsules; (2) encapsulation of active entities, including small drugs, contrast agents and biomacromolecular therapeutics; (3) surface modification of polymer capsules to increase their colloidal stability and targeting properties and (4) establishment of 2- and 3-dimensional in vitro models of several diseases (e.g., cancer, inflammation, oxidative stress, etc.) to test the potential of the capsules.

Coordinator: Aitor Larrañaga