Marta Alvarez

Phd Student


Marta Alvarez
PhD Student

Centro Joxe Mari Korta
Avenida de Tolosa, 72
20018 Donostia-San Sebastián

Tel:34 943 018018


Marta Alvarez joined POLYMAT (2018) after receiving her  BEng/MEng  in  Chemical  Engineering  at the Polytechnic  University  of  Valencia  (Valencia, Spain)  and  the  KTH-Royal  Institute  of  Technology  (Stockholm,  Sweden) in 2012.

She  had  a  1-year  experience  at  KTH  where  she  worked  on  sol-gel  chemistry,  receiving  a  technical  research  award  (1st  position,  Cátedra  Cémex  2012 - Polytechnic  University  of  Valencia)  and  a  magazine  article  publication  ("Arquitectura  viva"  April  2013).

In addition to her studies and before joining POLYMAT, Marta previously worked as a Research Assistance (6 months), Project Manager (3.5 years) and Senior Project Manager (3 years) at TWI Ltd (R&D – consultancy center) at the ´Functional Coatings and Resins' department in Cambridge (UK). During her time at TWI she developed experience on nanotechnology with a primary focus on advanced functional materials. She worked with different coating systems, including  functional  organic  films,  hybrid  inorganic-organic  coatings, functional resins for composite materials  and  low  surface  energy  coatings  for  the  aerospace, wind  turbine  industries, automotive, etc. industries.

She is co-author of the patent application 'Functionalisation Method for Metal Oxide Particles' (GB1521301.0).

At TWI, and besides her technical activities, Marta was the project co-ordinator  of several public funded programmes, such as the H2020 European  Collaborative  project  EIROS  (GA  685842,  18  partners  consortium,  total  budget  EUR8M).  She also was the Funding  programmes  leader,  stimulating  and  executing  business  opportunities  (Single  Client,  European  H2020/HorizonEU,  National  Funded  Projects  (IUK)  and  Core  Research  Programmes).


Marta Alvarez is currently studying as a PhD student under the co-guidance of Professor David Mecerreyes at POLYMAT (University of the Basque Country, Spain) and Dr Fanny Bardé, from Toyota Motor Europe research center (Belgium).

She is working on the development of stable polymeric Lithium protective layers for Lithium-air batteries.

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