Investigador Asociado

Center Director:      Prof. José M. Asua
General Manager:   Idoia Azaldegui

  Nombre Puesto Contacto Investigación
Dr. Nicholas Ballard Research Associate +34 943 018475

Focused on new techniques for producing polymeric particles with controllable microstructure and morphology.

Dr. Aitor Larrañaga Research Associate +34 946 017318

Porous scaffolds, polymer composites, bioglass, surface functionalization by plasma, protein grafting, electrospinning, tissue engineering.

Dr. Jaime Martín Research Associate +34 943015338

Fundamental aspects of functional polymers: structural and phase behavior of organic semiconductors, crystallization, liquid crystals, soft-photonics, low dimensionality (confinement) effects on polymer materials.

Dr. Fernando Ruipérez Research Associate +34 943 01 5985

Simulation at the quantum scale of structural properties, reactivity and design of polymers and catalysts.

Dr. Haritz Sardon Research Associate +34 943 015303

Sustainable polymerization, organocatalysis, polymers for nanomedicine