Research Staff

Center Director:      Prof. José M. Asua
General Manager:   Idoia Azaldegui

  Name Position Contact Research
Prof. José M. Asua Center Director +34 943 018181

Fundamental investigation of industrially important polymerization processes.

Prof. David Mecerreyes Vice Director +34 943 018018

Innovative Polymer Chemistry, polymeric ionic liquids, organic catalysis, polymers for Energy and Environment.

Prof. Aurelio Mateo-Alonso Group Leader +34 943 506066
Prof. Jose R. Leiza Group Leader +34 943 015329

His current research interests are focused on the following topics: polymer reaction engineering aspects of polymerization in dispersed media (e.g., kinetics, modeling, high solids content formulations), waterborne polymer/inorganic hybrid nanocomposites for anticorrosion coatings, polymerization of water soluble monomers as additives for concrete, renewable resource monomers and their application for the production of novel adhesives and coatings, and electrospinning of polymer latexes.

Prof. Juan Luis Delgado Group Leader +34 943 50 60 64

Currently he is focused on the preparation of new materials for their incorporation in perovskite-based solar devices.

Prof. Thomas Schäfer Group Leader +34 943 018266

Tunable membranes and stimuli-responsive membranes, mass transport and interfacial phenomena in membrane separation processes, biomolecular recognition in non-conventional solvents.

Prof. Alejandro J. Müller Research Staff +34 943018191

His fields of interests include: polymer solution rheology, structured fluids, morphology, nucleation, crystallization and crystallization kinetics of semi-crystalline materials and of multiphasic materials (in particular polymer blends, block copolymers, biopolymers and nano-composites).

Prof. Marcelo Calderón Group Leader +34 943 01 8182
Prof. Jose-Ramon Sarasua Group Leader +34 946 014271

Biodegradable polymers, polylactides, micro/nano structural analysis, crystallinity, polymer composites, polymer blends, mechanical properties, thermoplastic processes, regenerative medicine.

Prof. Ronen Zangi Group Leader +34 943 01 8112

Computational studies of chemical and biological systems in condensed phases, under confinements, and at interfaces. In addition, conformations and free energies of synthetic and biological macromolecules, such as DNA-protein recognition and ligand-receptor binding.

Prof. Maria Forsyth Senior Research Professor +34 943 015303
Prof. María Paulis Research Staff +34 943 018481

Production of waterborne polymer/polymer and polymer/inorganic nanocomposite dispersion & molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for biotechnological applications.

Prof. Radmila Tomovska Research Staff +34 943 018482


Dr. Haritz Sardon Research Staff +34 943 015303

Sustainable polymerization, organocatalysis, polymers for nanomedicine

Prof. Agurtzane Mugica Research Staff +34 943 015 469

Theoretical and experimental study of polymer blends, their interactions and interphases; thermal properties, morphology, nucleation, crystallization and crystallization kinetics of semi-crystalline materials and of multiphasic materials (in particular polymer blends, block copolymers, biopolymers and nano-composites)

Prof. Amaia Butrón Research Staff +34 946 014994
Prof. Agustin Etxeberria Research Staff +34 943 015 349
Prof. Manoli Zubitur Associate Professor +34 943 017180

Her fields of interest include also the preparation and characterization of polymer based nanocomposites for controlled drug release.

Dr. Ainhoa Lejardi Research Staff +34 946017371

Poly (vinyl alcohol), chitosan, graft copolymers, polymer miscibility, hydrogels.

Dr. Emiliano Meaurio Research Staff 946 014077

Polymer/polymer complexes, polymer blends, specific interactions, structural analysis of crystalline polymers by FTIR, molecular modeling, synthesis, graft copolymers.

Dr. Nicholas Ballard Research Staff +34 943 018475

Focused on new techniques for producing polymeric particles with controllable microstructure and morphology

Dr. Aitor Larrañaga Research Staff +34 946013935

Porous scaffolds, polymer composites, bioglass, surface functionalization by plasma, protein grafting, electrospinning, tissue engineering.

Dr. Ester Zuza Research Staff +34 946 013925

Biodegradable polyesters, polylactides, stereocomplexation, miscibility, specific interactions, crystallinity, molecular fragility, composites, radiopacity, polydopamine, mechanical properties, biodegradation, thermoplastic transformation procedures, high temperature thermoplastics (HTTP).

Dr. Jaime Martín Research Staff +34 943015338

Fundamental aspects of functional polymers: structural and phase behavior of organic semiconductors, crystallization, liquid crystals, soft-photonics, low dimensionality (confinement) effects on polymer materials.

Dr. Miren Aguirre Research Staff +34 943 018476

Synthesis of hybrid nanocomposites of cerium oxide/acrylates with improved UV absorption properties.

Dr. Fernando Ruipérez Research Staff +34 943 01 5985

Simulation at the quantum scale of structural properties, reactivity and design of polymers and catalysts.

Dr. Jone Muñoz Research Staff +34 946014078

Complex polymer systems, structural analysis, atomic force microscopy, thermal characterization, rheology, 3D printing.

Dr. Ana Beloqui Elizazu Research Staff +34 943018838
Dr. Sandra Camarero Espinosa Research Staff +34 943 015086
Dr. Robert Hernández Research Staff 94301 5386.
Dr. Irune Villaluenga Research Staff +34 943 01 87 30
Prof. Gonzalo Guerrica-echevarria Research Staff +34 943015443
Dr. Nora Aramburu Ocariz Research Staff +34 943 015447
Dr Itxaso Calafel Martinez Research Staff +34 943015446 / +34 943018494